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One Simple Truth When Designing Your Home

Designing a new home can be a stressful experience for any new home owner. After all, it will be part of your life, every day, for a long time.

There are plenty of plan services that work and get designs into the hands of clients. However, there is no one size fits all solution that works for everyone. A home is the expression of the home owner. An off-the-shelf plan offers a solution to dodge the stress of designing a home, this option is only an instant gratification. When it comes down to it, sure, it may have made the process easier, but it didn’t create something that was truly your own.

Be Honest

There is one simple truth when designing a home. You have to be honest with yourself. At the heart of every design, every client has to reconcile where they think they are with where they are actually at. Honesty in design is very difficult because most people don’t want to see themselves as they are. It is my job to help that process along. Let’s be honest, are you messy or neat? Are you really a night person? Or a morning person, who’s a victim of the night?

The key is to help you discover the real you, the real family. Nearly every house has a kitchen, family room, dining room and bathroom. I rearrange, shift, enlarge or shrink each component to fit each family’s needs and desires. Everything can be thought through, changed, detailed, and finessed until it is as perfect as it can be. Homes are not perfect. That is not the goal, personality is. Personality is character.

The starting point is asking a lot of questions and talking about your lifestyle. Designing homes for each family requires a one on one approach. It requires direct communication and instant feedback. Otherwise, there is no way to tell where the project is going. The integrity of each design is a starting point to begin the next chapter of each client’s story.

This process doesn’t mean the project will become an outrageous castle out of Game of Thrones. We are simply looking for the small things that will give each home personality and integrate them into the larger picture. These small things will elevate what could have been just a house into your grand home.

An honest conversation with your architect can reveal so many things that you may or may not have considered and shed new light on things you never even thought of.

But most importantly – use that conversation to create a home that is unique to you.

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