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3 Tips to Simplify Any Project

There are times when you are tasked with fitting a large idea into something small. This could be anything ranging from creating a story with a deadline in a few hours to remodeling a small bathroom. Something that’s literally a small space.

You could be cheeky and think you’ll never be in a situation quite like this. However, think of all the times you were presented with new information. You had a limited time to capitalize on that opportunity or it would be lost forever. In these situations, the journey can appear so daunting you don’t know where to start.

When faced with these overwhelming obstacles, here are a few tips to help the project along smoother.

Define an Outcome

You should define a clear outcome for any project. What is it going to be? Not understanding this will require extra work, extra headaches and extra anxiety. If you’re not absolutely clear on the project’s outcome, ask questions and communicate until you are clear even if it’s just with yourself. The time taken to clear up any misunderstanding is worth it compared to the extra time and work needed to redo a project. Knowing the outcome helps simplify the steps of the project.

Break Down the Project

Every project, no matter how big or small, can be mind-boggling at the start. When all you know is the result, it’s hard to fathom the steps to get there. You don’t draw a picture of Mona Lisa just by doing it. You break down each of the paintings components. You turn everything into geometric shapes. You make the project into something that’s easier to understand. Then you sketch and resketch until you have it. While this isn’t a direct translation into writing a story or remodeling a bathroom, the idea remains the same. Break down any project you are working on. Understand the steps that create the end result. Tackle each step one at a time.

Focus on the First Step

Now that your project is simplified, just focus on that first step. Your mind may wander to those future steps. You may feel anxiety over them. Just take a deep breath and bring your mind back to that first step. Give it your full attention, and start. Once that first step is complete. Once it is checked off your list, it’ll be satisfying. You’ll realize that the project isn’t so overwhelming. Then you focus on the next step and repeat.

Apply these tips to any project. Once you have a clear understanding of a design, there’s a clear starting point. Once you understand the mechanics underneath it all, you can clearly define each of the steps. After you have everything planned, each journey starts with the first step. Focus on that.

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