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Discover the 2019 Colors of the Year

Perhaps the most important part of my job as your architect and leader of the design team is to keep apprised of design trends. And what I have learned from my love of history is that history and trends repeat themselves. I pride myself on being able to see a trend happening before it is even seen in the built environment. Color influences furniture style and sets the mood in a room. So when I get a request for a specific color because it’s the new trend, it is my job to balance that new trend with what will accomplish the goals you have in mind. I strive to personalize your home and so I look for the answer to this question: What is your red?

What is the name of the color blue?

As the design process begins I inevitably get asked “What is the name of the color blue you used on this house?” And while I will gladly share that information, I also stress that what you see in the picture or what you see on the house won’t be the same color as the name of the blue I give you. That’s why there are so many color choices when you are handed the color fan deck. It is a candid conversation about the orientation of your home, the desired accents, and the landscaping dreams that will determine “your color”. But most importantly, it’s determining what will make you happy when you pull into your driveway each day. It’s finding “your red” and educating you on why that is your perfect color when designing your space. That’s my job.

Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore

2019 colors of the year

With that in mind, major manufacturers have picked the Color of the Year 2019. For Sherwin Williams, that color is a warm terracotta tone with the soul of the American Southwest called Cavern Clay. Click the Sherwin Willams link to view this new color. What are your favorite color pairs? My favorite pair happens to be Distance and Dark Clove.


Benjamin Moore’s 2019 Color of the Year is an affinity color – a cool, stylish gray that presents as neutral yet sophisticated and aptly named Metropolitan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YPXCrJ3YNI&feature=youtu.be. This color is a stark contrast to last year’s fiery red Caliente. Benjamin Moore offers a corresponding palette of 15 hues to amplify the Metropolitan color.

Your Own Color Activity Page

I love color! I also love the creative names they are given. So here’s a little fun for the budding Junior Architect in your life. Inspire a love for color by downloading your own fan deck coloring page from our website.  Have fun creating custom colors and exciting new names.











And then check out the 5 color trends for this year by clicking on the following link: https://www.architectmagazine.com/technology/products/five-color-trends-to-watch-in-2019

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