Celebrate Fall with these Flower Favorites!

Fall is here!

At least that is what the weatherman tells me, and it has been confirmed by the more comfortable temperatures outside. But more than that, the first day of fall is marked by our oldest son’s birthday. It is also my reminder that it is time to change the outside décor as we welcome the new season.

For the Buss residence this year, fall entwined the changing of the décor with some well-deserved projects that needed to be completed. Among the many items we’ve renovated in our home, Mike always envisioned a curved driveway to enhance accessibility to the front entrance and egress down the long driveway. I am glad to say the project has been completed (and thought why did we wait)! I’m finishing the landscaping with several mini hydrangeas, walnut mulch, and am eagerly awaiting the delivery of my Ivory Silk to add to the beauty of the driveway.

My favorite fall landscaping ideas

As I admired the almost-finished project, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite fall landscaping ideas. Looking for flowers that enjoy the cooler temps? Consider using mums. They come in a variety of colors that can be used to enhance any fall decorations including gourds of all kinds, potted shrubs, tall grasses, decorative kale, and dried Indian corn.

Check out some of the ideas I came across in an article from Better Homes & Gardens. The first thing to consider is what type of landscaping are you trying to accomplish. This will determine what type of mum you purchase. If an annual display is all you want, opt for florist (or cutting) mums. Then consider what type of display you want to achieve. Since mums offer such a wide color range, the options are endless. A soft, pink Calisto mum looks startling against the dark green of a Redbor mum mixed with a flowering Kale. If the exterior of your home consists of mainly darker colors, consider varying shades of white mums to create a stark contrast.

Getting ready for Halloween?

Make your front door or porch an inviting place to stop with a mix of classic orange pumpkins interspersed with potted yellow and orange mums. Go all out and fill planters or containers with a mix of kale, chrysanthemums, and dried wheat grasses to add a variety of textures and unique colors to your fall porch. If you are lucky enough to enjoy a farmhouse porch, put a nice cozy blanket on your bench or swing and enjoy the season with a steaming cup of tea.

Have an old radio flyer wagon or toy tractor laying around? Fill it up with pumpkins and gourds of all sizes and colors. Add some mums in varying sizes to fill in the gaps and finish it off with small bales of hay stacked with pumpkins and various fall plantings.

Looking for a more permanent landscaping idea for the use of mums requires finding hardy, or garden mums. Best planted in the spring, the longer growing season gives the plants time to take root and produce beautiful blooms by the time fall rolls around. You can, however, still purchase perennial mums in the fall with the intent of planting them in the spring. To enjoy the beautiful hardy plants now, use planters or galvanized tubs and add the decorations of your choice. When the weather turns cold, move them inside and care for them until they can be re-planted in the spring. Whether you choose annual or perennial mums, be sure to pick plants that are in the process of budding and not in full bloom. This way you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the plant much longer.

Fall is a decorator’s favorite season.

The possibilities are endless when you consider porches and stairs doors, even outdoor spaces that can be enhanced with mums of all sizes and colors and gourds abounding. Go ahead! Let your imagination run wild and see what you can come up with. Check out this website that can give you some wonderful ideas Beautiful Fall Wreaths Featuring Nature’s Bounty for decorating your house.

Have fun decorating and Happy Birthday to my son and all those enjoying their fall birthdays.


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