Surfin cabinet Michael Buss Architects Naperville Home

How to create spaces to relax and enjoy the moment

So often memories we have, or objects we cherish are such a part of our life that we stow them away only to bring them out on occasion. But what if those cherished treasures or comforting memories can be incorporated into your living space to be enjoyed on a daily basis?

A simple conversation with your architect can get the ball rolling.

A love of surfing was revealed during a conversation about what inspired the child of our client. It was learned that she also loved reading. So what better way to bring the two together? An old surfboard and a love of books inspired us to create a space that made her feel good while bringing back surf adventures. Also, bring a little of the outdoors into the room year round!

Surfin cabinet

Surrounded by the natural lighting of the large windows and the comfort of a prized possession, this surfing-inspired reading nook transports her to worlds beyond created by the imagination.

Passion and comfort year-round start from a simple conversation to find out what inspires you.

Not quite the nautical spirit? Blast into outer space with high-res photos  offered through NASA of incredible pictures from worlds beyond. Are plants your thing? Or maybe cars and motorcycles.

The point is this…

An architect creates spaces that make you feel good; that inspire you to relax and enjoy the moment. Make sure your conversations include what inspires you. And very soon you can be “surfing into summer” or “orbiting among the stars” or “enjoying nature” in the comfort of your own home.

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