Kindercare color pages Michael Buss Architects Custom

MB[Arch] Jr. Architect Coloring Book

1 Way to Inspire Creativity

Michael Buss Architects laid its roots as a family business in the basement of our home. Many of our clients would bring their children with when sitters weren’t available and they were gladly welcomed. Boxes of crayons and lots of scrap paper were available for the little ones to showcase their creativity. Many took their pictures home but sometimes the artwork was given to Mike as they left. It is those moments that inspired us to create this coloring book.

Coloring Book inspiration to put down the tech

Today’s technology offers sketch programs and 3d render drawing along with a host of other options to budding artists and graphic designers. Even Mike uses his iPad or Surface Book to bring color and ideas to life. But sometimes the freedom to create comes from a set of colored pencils, a piece of scratch paper, and screen-free time to let the creative juices flow. Mike has even been known to join the creativity and give a few quick lessons on color, shading and shadow to the budding artists visiting the office. It is Mike’s hope that this short moment in time will entice the imagination to work its magic.

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Kindercare color pages Michael Buss Architects Custom

Inspire your young designer!

Inspire the budding designer in your home with these coloring pages from Michael Buss designs.

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