michael buss 30 years old dishes

Even your favorite dishes are worth mentioning to your Architect!

Family heirlooms like your Grandmothers china cabinet or a boot box crafted by your Grandfather are important items to mention to your Architect during the design phase. Space can be devoted for antique furniture, feature walls created to display artwork or family pictures. You may need specialty outlets or lighting and possibly even water. Even something like your favorite dishes are worth mentioning as those would indicate to your Architect and interior designer color themes you would like to plan in your home.

Michael Buss Architects 30-years-old-dishes

For me it is my Blue Willow dishes that were a shower gift from my Grandma. They were the closest pattern to her original dishes she bought with S&H green stamps and something I have treasured for 30 years. They have been my everyday dishes ever since and are still my absolute favorite! That blue can be found throughout our home. These dishes are timeless and have survived many dinners raising 3 boys with Mike!

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