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Thoughts in color

Color is personal

Color is a very personal thing. My vision of red will not be the same as your vision of red. And that is why exploring your color palette is an important part of the process of designing your home. It starts by using your vision of the home as a canvas. Do you imagine a ranch? A 2-story? Perhaps something with a gable or mansard roof? As your ideas for floor plans and elevations form, I am sketching them in black and white. But I am already seeing your future in 3 dimensions and in color. Will your home be graced with white or gray or misty green? Will you have siding or painted brick? What color for your windows?

As we work through the design process I am mentally formulating the colors I envision in your home.

Color is a wonderful thing! The same color can be perceived in different ways by different people and yet still be the same color. Knowing this, Sherwin Williams created the first ever immersive color exhibit. And thanks to the folks at Sherwin Williams I had the opportunity to experience immersive color.

Our minds think in living color

Utilizing a brainwave-sensing headband developed by Sherwin Williams, I was able to visually experience the color spectrum created by my mind. Wearing a specialized headband fitted to my head by a Sherwin Williams ambassador, I thought and imagined colors for about 15 seconds while the gama waves were being measured. Essentially I was thinking in color!

Click on the link to see what Sherwin Williams discovered and then look below to see what my results were.

Michael Buss Architects Sherwin williams Think Color
Michael Buss Architects Sherwin williams Think Color

Also, check out this link to photos of the M&M Color analyzer in New York !

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