Thinking INSIDE The Box – Virtually!

It is during these challenging times that we find out just how creative a person can be. Are you amongst the many that are currently navigating the home school scenario and a house full of kids, a mix of middle school and college? Our household is currently navigating the older children scene and learning how to turn our newfound quantity time into quality time. And let’s not forget the puppies!

Buss VR Lounge

With the event of COVID-19 many families find their college-age students have returned home to finish out the semester via online learning. Our own college senior was among the many. I am not sure who was more upset about not partaking of the normal graduation ceremonies, him or us. In any event, we wanted to simulate his college experience as much as possible, so we decided to renovate our yoga/exercise room into a virtual lounge, recreating his college apartment as much as possible. This room was one of my favorite rooms in the house. Large corner windows gave us a beautiful, relaxing view of our backyard. We thought the full windows letting in the natural light we so loved would be our biggest problem. It turned out not to be since virtual reality does not require a darkened space. As he showed us how virtual reality works, I was amazed that once you put on that helmet, you are instantly transported to new and exciting locations. I absolutely recommend trying virtual reality. It was a lot of fun. But make sure you have a safe, open space to use.

Virtual Client Meetings

My other son had just landed his job when the pandemic began to take hold. Thankfully his start date was just postponed so he has been using our home technology to help others set up D&D sessions, create new and exciting characters, and writing scripts. In fact, it was my son who helped set up the video conferencing sessions that I have been using regularly with our out-of-town clients and now with my employees as we practice social distancing and they work from home. We are utilizing a combination of Google Hangouts, a webcam, and a Surface Book Pro to virtually sketch for our clients as if we were all in the same room.

During this time of social distancing, human contact in the technology form is more important than ever. Google Hangout is an easy way to stay in touch with coworkers. Zoom, Facetime and messenger also allow you to stay in touch with family and friends.

Use this time to discover and explore how technology can keep you in touch with loved ones who are far away. Social distance doesn’t have to mean a social disconnect.

Board Game not Bored Game

Over these next additional weeks, and hopefully, no longer than that, try something more than binge-watching TV. Look for things that create interaction with the people in your home. Board games are made for all ages. Enjoy the art of cooking and let the children help. Download our coloring pages.  Now that the weather is getting better, enjoy a few games in the backyard. Sidewalk chalk art!  If you are feeling really adventurous try running a D&D game session. If you are new to the concept, I can put you in touch with my son. After sitting in on one of his sessions I can attest to how immersive it can it be. Liken it to a free-flowing story that you can direct. It allows you to be creative in comedy, drama, scriptwriting, storytelling, and team building. You can brainstorm, use quick-thinking skills, and build a team atmosphere while social distancing. If you are still not sure about the whole thing, check out Critical Role to see how a group of friends brought the experience to a whole generation around the world.

Most importantly I want to tell you this.

The heart of an architect doesn’t just design spaces to live and work. We also design spaces to improve your health and well-being! Take care of yourself and your loved ones. There is no better time to strengthen our bonds and learn new ways to be digitally together. Stay calm, stay safe, stay healthy, and most of all, stay patient. We are #allinthistogether.

All the best,

Mike and Sue


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Mike's VR experience

Sue's VR experience

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