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Odd things to consider for door hardware

Odd things to consider when building and remodeling

Have you ever really stopped to think about how many things you must consider when building or even just remodeling your home? There is the inside, the outside, the family room, the bedrooms, and on and on. But how about the everyday things we take for granted? The windows, the woodwork, the color, or how about something as mundane as the doors.

Some day ask your architect what a simple door is made of. He or she will throw words at you like solid or hollow core, door jamb, pediment head, casing, rails, locks, and hinges. I would venture to say that you did not know a door was comprised of so many parts.

But all of these parts are something that you and your architect must consider during the design process.

Look at the picture of the door and check out some of the parts listed. What did you envision the pediment head of your doors to look like? Are they big? Small? Thick? Thin? What style of door do you like? A panel with rails? Or solid? What is sticking? How about a lock set? There are so many different styles available and your architect is your best source for these decisions.

Is the door  a left or a right hand swing?

So, now you’ve decided on what type of door you want, the hardware you want, even the color you want. And then a curve ball gets thrown: “Is it a left or a right hand swing?” These are the subtle details that your architect should already have in the planning stages when designing your home.

You should be answering questions such as “Do you hold items in your right hand and grab a door knob with your left?” “ Would you prefer your door to lay against the wall when it opens or would you rather walk around it?” These are questions you have probably never considered but something very important to an architect when they are planning your interior design. The door swing is also important when choosing the “bling” for your door. Lever handles are influenced by the direction of the door swing while egg or round handles are not.

When considering what handle sets will work for you Jason with Architectural Windows & Millwork says the following:

“To combat the never-ending problem of determining door handing, the easiest way to determine is as follows: Place your back on the door frame where the hinges are or will be. Take your left or right arm and swing it to the way you want the door to swing. If you swing your right arm out, then it is a right hand. Swing your left out, then it is a left hand. Remember to swing your arm in the correct direction.  The picture below shows a good example of a LEFT HAND door.”

It has been my experience that a good place to begin looking for your door “bling” is at The Knobbery in Arlington Heights, IL. They provide a great checklist for handle sets, knobs, and even shutter hardware.

Visit them for a copy of their helpful tips!

Or, when in doubt, ask your Architect!

Get that conversation flowing.

Michael Buss has a diversified design and construction background that included carpentry, roofing even the family concrete business. All of these experiences have provided Michael with a unique insight into the design and home remodeling industry and to provide the architect lead design/build philosophy to his New construction or home remodeling and renovation projects.

Michael Buss

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