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To Trend or Not To Trend – That is the question

Towards the end of every year, we begin to hear what the newest trends will be. The newest trend in fashion; the color of the year; is the current trend to be chic, traditional, classy, or homegrown. Current trends affect everything we see, hear and do and trends in architecture are no different.

Many of today’s architectural trends relate to the age group of the current buying power. Millennials no longer look to the Mega McMansions of yesteryear. This generation is learning to do more with less and the words sustainability and technology have been incorporated into everything they do. The forecast for the trends of 2020 and beyond highlight what has become important to this generation.

Smart Homes

Smart homes are growing more in popularity as the technology sector develops newer and more user-friendly home options. The age of technology has put automation at the forefront as more people telecommute and incorporate home offices into new or unused spaces. For many, the ability to work from home on a regular basis can reduce stress and offer a better balance between life and work responsibilities.Michael Buss Architects Tech Heat Sensor Hidden Tstat

Lower energy consumption and the use of recycled materials are making houses sustainable and efficient.

Outdoor Living Rooms

In addition to technology, the latest trend for 2020 brings the pairing of indoor and outdoor living spaces. Indoor, as well as outdoor kitchens, are becoming the primary gathering place for family and social events.

Michael Buss Architects Luxury Lemont New Construction outdoor living room
Michael Buss Architects Luxury Lemont New Construction outdoor living room

Open floor plans invite more natural lighting for living spaces and create the allure of a much larger space.


Color of The Year

Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore introduce a new interior design color every year for those wishing to refresh their space with a coat of paint or accent color.

So how does an architect design the perfect living space while keeping trends in mind?

The job of a great architect is to be able to determine what it is their client truly wants. This all begins with a conversation in which the architect can learn what the client deems important to them in their space. Perhaps an answer to the question “Do you want what is popular or what is correct?” can give clarity to the homeowner. Trends will go out of style. It is important to determine how long the client plans to stay in this home. Equally important is to ask them what they think they are going to like in 20 years. Trends can date a space. Is the trend that you choose today going to work for you if you decide to renovate or re-decorate in the future? A great architect gets a client to understand that trends come and go.

Timeless is something that you will love in 20 years just as much as you love today and making your home timeless is what a great architect does.

Your house should be designed to be an extension of yourself. Your architect should be able to adapt a current trend, if you are so inclined, to fit your needs and expectations and present a subtle reflection of your personality within your living area. Be sure that you and your architect take the time to figure out where you are today and where you want to be 20 years from now. The time and effort put into your home today will make it just as enjoyable in the future.






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