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National Pet Day

Ask anyone who owns a pet if they consider their pet to be a part of the family. The answer almost always will be a resounding YES! According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) pets account for sixty-eight percent of U.S. households (www.iii.org). Of that number approximately 60 million of those pets are dogs. There is a whole science related to the relationships we share with our pets and the benefits of that special bond. In 2016 TIME magazine dedicated its feature to the science of relationships and sharing the cover was a picture of a woman and her dog. Nationaltoday.com even tells us that 22% of Americans are attracted to others that treat their pets like family. Parents of fur-babies will concur that those fur-babies hold a special place in their hearts.

Fur-babies hold a special place in our hearts

So in celebration of National Pet Day on April 11, 2019 be sure to give your pet that special treat, hang out with your pet and watch TV or go for a walk, or just tell them that you love them and give them a great big hug. But even better than that give some thought as to how you can show your pet you care by including them in your plans for your home.

The little things can make a big difference!

As a dog owner we know how the little things can make a big difference. We have completed plans for customers that have included dog washing stations or even dog shower tubs in the mud room for those days your fur-baby finds every mud puddle in the yard. Well-planned doggy doors can lead to private dog runs, providing a safe place for your dog to exercise or just enjoy the day in the warm sun. We have also incorporated heated floors in kennel areas to keep the fur-babies warm and paws comfortable. No idea can be too small when it comes to the care of your four-legged friends.

Michael Buss Architects Hendrix dog

Even Hendrix agrees!

Here he is checking out the plans to ensure that all the needs of his friends are being accommodated. In the meantime, have fun with our Hendrix coloring page. And if you really enjoy yourself, you can download the full MB[Arch] coloring book HERE . And while there, take a look around our website at some of the spectacular houses we have created for our clients.

Next time you are planning for that dream home, or want to make changes to an existing home, give us a call.

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